Partner Up for Fun and Profit – Are You a Healthcare Expert Super Star?

Are you a genuine Healthcare Marketing Rock Star? If so, there might be a position for you on our Rock Star team.

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We are an emerging entrepreneurial company, and we always like to work with exciting and talented people with the right credentials, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Best of all, we enjoy working with both full-time employees and freelance talent, without requiring people work in our corporate office.

While we are currently not actively hiring salaried employees at the moment, there is still a position for people who fit our criteria.

1. Experts Who Want to Expand in the Future. – If you are a seasoned healthcare expert (doctor, author, PR. Sales or Marketing consultant, Medical Device Rep or Agency), with influential relationships in the healthcare industry, have a good reputation, and are now seeking something more entrepreneurial and rewarding for yourself, this opportunity is for you.

Most likely, that would mean you leading a special niche under our banner or your own brand. For example, you may want to offer online marketing services but do not want to stretch your resources.  In another situation, you may want to create a more localized Healthcare consulting practice in areas where we operate. Or perhaps you have specific industry experience and would like to head up our growth of that area like pharmaceutical advertising, device manufacturer marketing, orthodontic marketing or whatever.

This kind of relationship would require you to at least introduce your clients to us. If you can do that, we can pay you lucratively from profits, and create a long term, mutually rewarding relationship. (We are not currently interested in pursuing ideas that will require us to do research and development and money up front for purely speculative outcomes.)

2. Multi-talented Account Managers – This opportunity may be for you if you are in a situation where you are in between account management positions because your company had a workforce reduction or they shut down or you are in a part time situation in your current account management role. If you are a Medical Device Rep or a Pharmaceutical Rep or Physician Liaison in transition or working part time, you might want to consider working with us before your relationships with your past healthcare accounts get diluted over time.  If you can lead and manage clients mainly by phone and sometimes in person while you are in transition, it would make a lot more sense to work with us to keep in touch with your clients in a different but complementary capacity in a service that does not compete with your healthcare account management role. Contact us about doing some freelance projects for us, and tell us what you can do. (Keep in mind we need to impress our clients by delivering tangible results, not by merely trying to be witty.)

3. Commission-Based Sales. If you are able to work on commission basis, and are convinced you can bring us new business, we are happy to explore a lucrative arrangement with you.  We are able to pay commissions upfront and residuals (this is BIG) for the life of the account you bring us.  Others simply do not give you any residuals at all. Send us your ideas.

4. Other “Rock Stars” – If you don’t fit the above categories but based upon your review of our website you are convinced you can contribute and monetize your relationships in the healthcare industry, send us an email. We are always open to ideas.  An example scenario here would be if you have a family member who is in healthcare (cosmetic surgeon, cosmetic dentist, etc) and they are in urgent need for reputation marketing.

Page1SearchEngineMarketing.Com is one of the country’s most respected providers of online marketing and consulting services. We work primarily with all kinds of healthcare clients currently in California and Texas. As a member of our Rock Star team you will have the opportunity to:

  • Shape the future of a young, aggressively growing company
  • Advance your career in the way that you want
  • Display your professional talent
  • Be a part of a culture built on innovation, respect, creativity and fun!!!

You will also be with a great company.  Our company has the infrastructure, marketing savvy and Internet presence to get you to the next stage.

If you want to join an entrepreneurial company and earn a good living, email us your information and a convincing cover letter.

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