Hit By Google’s Penguin Update?

A lot of concern on Google’s Penguin X.X update really boils down to cleaning up your keyword anchor text balance.

What exactly is keyword anchor text balance?  It is the composition or over-all mix of all keyword anchor text pointing to your site.

Anchor texts can be classified into 4 types and the ideal mix is as follow:

a) Primary Keywords – 10%

b) Secondary Keywords – 30%

c) Non Keywords – 30%

d) Naked Links – 30%

If you were working with an SEO “expert” who has been building backlinks to your sites with only primary keyword anchor texts, your rankings will most definitely be affected.

I found these articles that talk about Google’s Penguin Algorithm that may help you understand how to correctly build spam-free and effective backlinks.

Google’s Penguin Algorithm Comes In Different Levels Of Degrees?

http://searchengineland.com Tue, 08 Apr 2014 13:22:54 GMT

googlepenguin-featured It may be the case that some sites impacted by Google’s Penguin update may not be as impacted as the next. Meaning, Google’s algorithms may apply a different degree of the Penguin update (which …

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A Very Mild Case of Google Penguin? – Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

http://searchenginewatch.com Tue, 08 Apr 2014 19:00:00 GMT

Not every site is impacted the same way by Penguin, Google’s algorithm that targets spammy link building tactics. On Twitter, Google’s Matt Cutts told one webmaster to continue doing backlink cleanup, as the site has a “very …

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