How Does a Chat System Increase Conversions?

Some visitors are too timid to call your phone while they are still “exploring” the keyword you are ranking for.  Adding chat functionality will give your conversions a boost!

While chat systems do not work for every kind of website, chat systems work like magic for Business to Consumer type of websites.

One chat system vendor has this to say about increasing conversions with live chat software:

Live chat is cheaper, and can be better, than phone support. According to Forrester Research, “Average live-chat sessions cost $3 to $5, compared to $10 or more for an average customer service telephone call.” And live chat sessions can leave a visitor searchable record, so there is no doubt about who said what, what features are available and what promises were made. Like a live salesperson, live chat can send an invitation while a customer is browsing, while telephone service can only help a customer who asks for help.

All chat/operator systems out there work like this (additional features vary from system to system):

1. You install a script or lines of code on your website.  This will enable visitors on your site to communicate with a person from your office.

2. Your intern or office staff logs in to the chat system.  This will enable your staff to “see” visitors on pages visitors are reading.  Your staff can prompt an online conversation.  The system does allow your staff to chat with multiple visitors at the same time (subject to an acceptable response time).

3. If your online visitor accepts the conversation prompt, the visitor and your staff can chat.

4. During the live chat, your staff will be able to “pop” the webpage that has the correct information that the visitor is looking for.  Your staff can also prompt the visitor to sign up or call for an appointment with a call to action – sign up for newsletter, call for an appointment with the right staff member, your assistant or yourself; sign up for membership, sign up for event, etc.

5. If your staff is not online (or logged off from the chat system) and there are visitors online who want to contact you, your visitor can request for a call back or appointment based on the availability on your calendar – usually Google calendar is supported.

So who uses live chat systems?

According to Inc Magazine, LapTopMD+ and have experienced measurable success with live chat systems.  Read more about live chat systems evaluation here.

If your budget is tight or if you are just not willing to spend dollars until you are convinced if there is any Return on Investment (ROI) for a live chat system, you can try the free Open Source system – PHPLiveChat at

You should at least try a chat system if it works for you.