Client Friendly Navigation

Conventional and Simple Website Navigation

Your prospective client who is browsing your website will navigate your website with certain conventions in mind. He or she will not want to relearn how to navigate a website every time we visit a new site. The idea is to be able to give your prospective client what he or she wants in the shortest time possible.

You want to provide the information about a specific keyword immediately “above the fold” or the top section of your web page and provide navigation menus to related topics and a “Search” box.

If you do not follow these rules and conventions, your prospective client will click away from your site and look somewhere else.

An Easy To Maintain Website

The websites we design for healthcare professionals allows you to manage your site without any help from an internet marketing specialist. If you can manage your email account on GMail, Hotmail, or YMail, you will find managing your website even easier.

Any employee on your staff can become the website coordinator. Your staff will not need to know HTML code or Dreamweaver, or have any technical abilities.

Your website will have the following important features:

  • Screens, videos, and pictures are automatically resized to fit any device – mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop
  • Website navigation menus can be changed, deleted, or added and published in real time
  • New pages for special events or promotions can be added to or deleted from the site easily immediately
  • Media Galleries of Before and After pictures and videos are easily created or modified
  • Every page is search engine optimized as a landing page for Google, Yahoo, and Bing saving you $$$ in advertising
  • Facebook Open Graph, Facebook Insights, and Google Authorship are built in.
  • Social Media links can be added or deleted with 1 click
  • QR codes on every page allow instant capture of your business name, URL, address, phone, or email address with any smart phone
  • Google maps are added for any location and clients can get directions from their home to your location.
  • HIPAA compliant forms can be added if required
  • HIPAA compliant secure emails can be added if required