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PPC Management Enthusiast, please give me just a few minutes of your time to show you that…

You Could Be Saving 25-50% On Your Google AdWords Campaigns Immediately… And Getting Significantly Better PPC Management Performance At The Same Time!

As someone already spending a considerable amount of money on Google AdWords, you owe it to yourself to take just a few minutes to read this letter…


From The Desk Of: Adrian Castro
Chief Executive Officer
Affluere Media

Dear Adwords Marketer,

It’s great to see that you are taking advantage of Google AdWords, which is truly one of the biggest marketing opportunities of our lifetime.

But have you ever wondered if you are getting the best results from your campaigns?

Or wondered if you are overspending to get the results you are getting? Google AdWords can be expensive, after all!

Unfortunately, I could tell just by taking a quick glance at your campaigns that you could be doing 25-50% better in both your budget and your performance.

How could I possibly determine this so quickly?

It’s pretty simple. After looking at thousands of Google AdWords campaigns, my company has identified a clear set of “best practices” that when used bring optimal results to campaigns…

But when not used, lead to wasteful spending that is killing your campaign performance and lining Google’s already fat pockets! The unfortunate reality is that…

Most Google AdWords Advertisers Are Not Taking Advantage Of These PPC Management “Best Practices” To Optimize Their Campaigns For Budget Reduction and Performance Improvement Nearly To The Degree That They Could Be

Why not?  I’ve found that there are three roadblocks you’re likely running into:

  1. You have a lack of Google AdWords marketing know-how. If you don’t have the marketing chops at your company, then keeping up with the competitive changes in the marketplace – let alone the changes at Google – is completely overwhelming.  While it would be nice if AdWords were a “set-it-and-forget-it” kind of thing…it just doesn’t work that way.
  2. The generally positive results you are getting from AdWords have lured you into a complacent “comfort zone”. Google AdWords can yield amazing results, and sometimes it’s easy to be lured into complacency by some early signs of success.  But if you aren’t optimizing performance, you are likely literally leaving tens-of-thousands of dollars on the table each month in increased sales or budget savings. Spending the time to get this right is certainly worth it, which brings me to the final roadblock…
  3. You don’t have time. The reality of running a business is that there is never enough time in the day to do everything you’d like.  If you have to choose between the million other things on your plate or spending time to learn how to optimize your Google AdWords account, I don’t blame you for the decision to invest your energy in other places.

These are all perfectly legitimate reasons.  But I am writing you today to make sure you know that you don’t have to let these roadblocks stop you from getting optimal results from your Google AdWords campaign.

The opportunity for your business is just too large!

I know that you are very busy, and I also realize that you may be a bit skeptical of my claims…

But I am so confident that I can help you that I’ve decided to make you a truly, 100% risk-free offer.

Here’s how I believe I can help you…

At Absolutely NO COST TO YOU, I Will Perform A Comprehensive Analysis Of Your Google AdWords Account To Uncover What I Believe Will Be A Virtual Gold Mine Of Savings and Improved Results.

My proprietary Google AdWords Performance Audit will reveal the following:

  1. If your account is bleeding money through misdirected ad spend.
  1. What immediate changes can be made to instantly increase your AdWords profitability and ROI.
  1. Where you are limiting profitable growth in your AdWords campaigns by not taking advantage of every opportunity.
  1. How many of your products and services are being left out of your AdWords campaigns.
  1. If your account is structured improperly – which can make the difference between getting good, actionable information from your account or getting fleeced by bad data.
  1. Which of the Google AdWords “best practices” you are nailing already…and which are not being taken advantage of (FYI – I’ve never yet seen an account taking advantage of all of them before our audit!)

Take Me Up On My Offer To Analyze Your Google AdWords Account And If I Don’t Clearly Demonstrate Strategies To Grow Your Business And Save You Money In The Next Year, I’ll Give You A $250 Gift Certificate To Your Favorite Restaurant!

I’m so confident that I can help you that I’m willing to make you the following good-natured bet:

If you let me perform an analysis of your Google AdWords account – at absolutely no cost or commitment from you – I will personally guide you through a series of ways to grow your business and save you money. At the end of our session, I promise that you will have learned:

  • If your campaign is structured for optimal performance, or if you are wasting money and opportunities.
  • Which keywords and ads should be given higher priority because of their excellent performance, and which are bleeding your budget dry.
  • What opportunities you are missing out on entirely, that could provide dramatic boosts in performance for you in the next year.

Ultimately, if I can’t show you how to make more money in the next year with your current AdWords spend, I’ll gladly send you to a wonderful dinner, on me.

My “No Strings Attached” Promise

I also want to be very clear that there are no expectations on our part for you to do or buy anything when you sign up for the Google AdWords Analysis.

So go ahead and put us to the challenge right now while you’re thinking about it. The worst that can happen is a $250 gift certificate to your favorite restaurant.

Details follow…

How To Get Started With Your Complimentary Google AdWords Analysis

Because of the work involved, we are only able to perform the complimentary analysis for a handful of companies each month.

This opportunity will be limited to a maximum of 5 businesses this month so that we can give ample time to answer questions related to your specific AdWords opportunities.

To reserve your complimentary analysis, please contact me immediately at:

(949) 351-4806


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I look forward to talking to you!


Chief Operating Officer
Affluere Media

P.S. WE REACH CAPACITY EACH MONTH, so in order to get your complimentary analysis completed immediately, it is important that you contact me right away.