Exclusive Plumber Leads in the Los Angeles Area

Are you a Plumber looking to grow your business, but aren’t sure where to turn?

The Answer: Plumber Pay Per Call Leads

I want to offer you a risk free way to get more appointments, and more customers starting next week. If you are interested please call us at: 949-351-4806.

Our marketing program specifically built for plumbers, is VERY different than anything you have ever seen.

First, you only pay for RESULTS!

Second, you are going to end up spending a minimum of 66% less than you are now to bring in a new customer.

And 3rd, we have scheduled over 2,000 appointments for clients in our exclusive network.

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Again the number is 949-351-4806.

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Order Now! Don’t Delay…

This is the order page for getting exclusive plumber leads.

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Note: If the order buttons no longer work, that means our lead sources are already committed at this time. We welcome you to call us at (949) 351-4806 to request to be on our waiting list.


This agreement is for generating LIVE and EXCLUSIVE plumbing leads for your business.

Although this service call generation program renews every week, we recommend that you stay with this service for at least 6 months since the volume of live calls is expected to increase. When we generate calls in any metro area, our lead generation sites first target service calls for “Emergency Plumbing <Los Angeles>” and “Emergency Plumber <Los Angeles>” We expect to capture approximately10% of the organic search engine traffic from Google as our lead generation website and videos gain better rankings.  We will be adding more lead sources.  We are planning to add more web assets that target other plumbing related service calls for  “drain cleaning,” “sewer repair,” “water heater repair,” “commercial plumbing,”  “industrial plumbing,” “plumbing contractor,” etc.



LIVE Exclusive Service Calls are paid on a PER CALL basis billed weekly.  To start receiving LIVE service calls, you need to purchase your initial set of 10 or 20 live and exclusive leads using the Buy Now button above.  After you initial purchase, you will begin to receive LIVE and Exclusive service calls which are forwarded to the ONE telephone number of your choice.

  1.  You will be able to talk directly to your exclusive leads LIVE as their call is connected to your phone in real time.
  2.  You will never have to play phone tag or miss any service call ever again.
  3.  For the Los Angeles Area the price starts affordably at $40 per exclusive lead (for less than half of what it would cost you).  The more leads we generate the lower the price the lead (subject to future review).



Invoices will be generated every Sunday for service calls generated the previous 7 days. A text reminder will be issued every Monday.  Invoices are due on or before Saturday after which another weekly invoice is generated. Invoices will be payable through PayPal so you need a PayPal account.



Invoices must be paid within the same week they are issued (on or before Saturday) or you lose the live and exclusive plumbing calls to the next plumber on the waiting list.  Missing a payment will automatically terminate this agreement and your pre-paid balance will be charged for additional calls.  When your pre-paid balance is exhausted, we will send the exclusive leads to the next plumber on our waiting list.  You will be refunded if there is any remaining pre-paid balance after 30 days that an invoice is due.


We hope you enjoy this service.  We have made it as simple as it gets – no cold calling, no coupons, no SEO, no Pay Per Click, no agency management fees on top of other fees, etc – just REAL,LIVE exclusive plumbing service calls.