WARNING: There will be many so-called SEO and Social Media “experts” who will be quoting you low-ball prices. Cheap services are possible because cheap service providers rely heavily on AUTOMATION and LOW QUALITY content. Google and Facebook hate automation that is why they constantly change their algorithms and PENALIZE spammers. Using cheap service providers will do more harm than good and possibly get your website de-indexed and blacklisted by Google and other search engines and social media sites like Facebook. If you fail to heed this advise and later find out that your sites are no where to be found in Google/Yahoo/Bing – remember, I TOLD YOU SO!

I know you are excited to find out how much it will cost you. Unfortunately, search engine marketing services are really difficult to set prices for.  Our pricing is dependent on how large and complex your website is and the competitiveness of your target market.

For example, achieving top rankings for “irvine car insurance” requires much more work than “irvine pet supplies” because insurance companies put in more money in organic ranking and online advertising than pet supplies stores.

Average SEO Industry Pricing

Marketing should not cost you anything in the end.  However, to prime your sales funnel with leads, you do have to set it up – either by doing it yourself or hiring an expert.   To give you at least some idea, below you will find pricing of legitimate services not only at Page 1 Search Engine Marketing and any legitimate service provider:

Our custom Mobile Apps start at $2,997.

Our custom Search Engine Domination websites start at $1,997.

Our Search Engine Domination campaigns start at $997/month.

Our Video SEO campaigns start at $297/month.

Our Social Media Campaigns start at $497/month.

Marketing Should NOT Cost You Anything

If you have your sales funnel right and your conversions are tweaked for optimum results, every marketing dollar should churn you a profit.  That means when you have developed a well oiled internet marketing system, you will be able to spend as much as you can on marketing because you will always have a return on investment (ROI).

I have prepared a quick Return on Investment Calculator so you can play around different scenarios on how your marketing dollars are spent and how you can leverage to increase your profitability and maximize the impact of your services to the community.

ROI Calculator

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