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Attract Laser-Targeted and Pre-Sold Patients to Make Your Life Easier!

Leverage Your 5 Star Reputation to Grow Your Practice If Any Or All Applies To You:
Losing Patients from Negative Reviews
No Compelling Reviews To Attract Patients You Want
Spending Too Much on Low or Zero ROI Marketing





Imagine Your Practice Featured On Professionally Produced Patient Review Commercials Driving Laser-Target and Pre-Sold Patients To You

This secret strategy works whether you have negative reviews, no compelling reviews, or lots of not so important reviews covering your compelling reviews. We have perfected the Patient Review Commercial Blueprint through months of split testing. There are four (4) components that trigger a consistent response and high conversion ratio. 1) Eye popping graphics grab attention. 2) News style reporting establishes you not only as the expert but also the authority. 3) Compelling testimonial attracts like patients. 4) The persuasive call to action propels the patient into dialing the phone to call you for an appointment.

Close The Gap Between The Buzz and Reality

MORE THAN 80% of reputation damage risks come from a mismatch between the buzz and the reality. – Digimind

Attract The Patients You Want

The type of patients you want are looking for a certain type of testimonial on you. Now is your chance to feature that compelling review to consistently attract the patients you want.

Establish Yourself As The Expert and Authority

The “News” style production subliminally tells your patients that you are the only professional they should do business with. As the authority, you attract the patients willing to pay for the best.

Free Up More Time

Stop spinning your wheels on online marketing that does not work. Spend more time serving rather than finding and convincing your patients. Spend more time with family instead!

Stop Losing Business From Negative Reviews

Google loves to rank videos – particularly on YouTube because Google owns YouTube. A review commercial is a good start to push negative reviews away from Page 1.

Increase ROI on Marketing Dollars

When you combine reputation marketing, brand marketing, and video marketing, you get the best results and the lowest cost.

All These Benefits Are Just A Few Clicks Away! Claim The $3,125 Studio Production Package for Your Patient Review Commercial Today!

I know it might sound too good to be true, but before you think that…
I will need a few things from you if we agree to move forward…
In return for covering all the studio production expenses estimated at $3,125, I will need the following:


1. Provide Us With 3 Referrals

Referrals allow us to keep our marketing costs low so we can give you the best prices like this BETA offer.
Referrals are an integral part of how we do business. In fact, we only take on new clients who are willing to refer us to current business associates, friends, and family. Rest assured that we will over deliver on our promise, so you will not have any hesitation on referring us.

If for some ethical reason you cannot make a referral, we can switch your referral for your patient review commercial being on a case study.

Your referrals need to be of equal to or higher caliber than you. Referrals are best introduced by 3 way call, email, letter or in person.

2. Provide Us A Testimonial

We practice what we preach. There’s nothing like a testimonial from a real-life customer to convince skeptical prospects to do business with you for the first time.
If you are at a loss where to start in giving a testimonial, you can answer one or all of these questions:

1. What was your biggest fear before hiring us? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?
2. What, specifically, was your favorite part of the patient review commercial we did for you, and why?
3. If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

When you give us an awesome testimonial, you can gain additional exposure on our very own review commercial that we show to other high end clients.



3. Cover Part of The Roll Out

Take another 40% off on services in rolling out your patient review commercial to video & social networks
Although we cover all the studio production costs estimated at $3,125, the finished patient review commercial needs to be put out on the video and social networks so patients looking for you can watch it and call you. There are 3 services to make that happen and these are the costs: a) Video On Page Optimization at $50, b) Video Broadcast Encoding to MP4 at $200 and c) Social Media Syndication at $250. The incidental costs total $500. Take a 40% discount on that! Fair enough?
  • Cover only $297 (out of $3,650)
  • $SPECIAL if you are nonprofit (Click the button to reveal the actual cost)

4. Join A Pre-Production Call

We have deadlines to meet while we ensure the highest production quality. I need to know you have 1 hour available for the Pre-Production Call.
On the Pre-Production Call (hosted on, we will:
1. I will give you a brief overview of the review commercial strategy.
2. Confirm your company contact information,
3. Get your branding colors, production-ready logo, and production-ready background.
4. Identify the best review to highlight (production-ready format)
5. Get your video and social media information for syndicating the video. If you do not have video and social media accounts, we can host it on ours or you can ask us to create your accounts for you at additional cost.
6. At that time we can get the 3 referrals from you that you think would want this type of exposure and a few other details.



5. Do A Technical Sign-Off

To meet our tight deadlines, we are usually finished with the studio production witihin 7 days after the all information is complete from the Pre-Production Call. You need to have 1 hour available for the Technical Sign Off Call.

On the Technical Sign-Off Meeting (hosted on, we will:
1. Reveiw the video with you for technical accuracy, for you to sign off on it. Because we are absorbing 100% of the studio production cost we reserve the right to exercise all artistic and creative control over the production.
2. Go through a reputation marketing streatgy with you and how to best position your new review commercial
3. Get your feedback on the process and a few other details.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Just a heads up. I had a New Patient today that found us online. I asked her if she’d looked at any of our before and after pictures. She said she skipped that and went right to the reviews. That sold her. She dropped $4K with us on her first appointment! Thank you. Bill.

William E.Dentist

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What To Do Next

You have only 2 directions to proceed:

1. You can leave this page, ignore this message, and perhaps lose this chance at creating your Review Commercial at the lowest possible cost. You can continue to struggle getting more new clients, or worse continue to lose potential and existing clients to your competition, continue to spin your wheels, continue to be lost and frustrated.

2. Do the only sensible thing. Grab this offer right now, risk free…

100% Risk Free

Make your final decision until you see our reputation marketing strategy during the Pre-Production session. So go ahead and get the conversion-boosting power of patient review commercials once reserved for the rich and celebrity practitioners and the big budget clinics and agencies – and let it make YOU easy extra patient appointments right now!

You can request a 100% prompt refund up until the end of the Pre-Production session. Go ahead click the Purchase Now button and attend our Pre-Production session at no risk and if you are not completely blown away by our reputation marketing strategy, you can ask for a refund and we will give back your payment to you promptly.

All for a special limited time LOW PRICE during the BETA Phase of our Program.

Hit the Purchase Now button and within 2 minutes – you will be able to get your Pre-Production Meeting and Technical Sign Off Meeting Scheduled

This is Adrian Castro signing off.

I thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I’m excited to see you start getting new clients and keeping existing ones happy and returning more often so you can run the practice and have the life that you deserve!


P.S. One more thing, there are lots of qualified professionals right now who are stressing out and suffering from not having enough patients or serving the kind patients they do not really want. I hope you are not one of them, but if you are, having just read this letter – you now have absolutely no excuse, because “THIS IS IT!”

You have seen the proof above and you know you will save a fortune by picking up this offer today.

P.P.S. I can make you this guarantee… That if you do nothing, nothing will change… So it is up to you.

A month from today, you can be nothing more than 30 days older – or our Beta would have ended and you pay the regular price — or you can be in possession of a super Patient Review Commercial at the lowest possible cost!